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This is the story of MEACA, why it was established and what it will do...

Where We Are Now: The region has tremendous opportunities, but some business leaders may shy away from it because of the perceived high level of risk.  Investors and business leaders expect proper compliance with transparent regulations before they invest or do business with regional companies.

Where We Are Going: It is entirely possible to do clean business in the region.  Transparency and compliance within an easily understood regulatory environment reduces risk and the cost of doing business.


How We Are Going To Get There: MEACA will help catalyse and inspire movement for a more ethical and just world and help improve global perceptions of the region.  We will become a trusted voice that empowers integrity by finding common ground between cultures, helping people understand the value of good governance and compliance with established rules and regulations.

MEACA is focused on:


  • Delivering networking opportunities and events that bring together compliance professionals across the Middle East & Africa region.

  • Creating professional development opportunities to upskill compliance professionals and align their skillset with international standards.

  • Providing mentorship for the next generation of compliance professionals and help them understand their impact in the workplace.

  • Driving advocacy for the importance of ethical compliance framework that will enhance both business growth and employee wellness.

  • Implementing global best practices that will improve perception of compliance in the region and invite more foreign investment opportunities.

Our Story

MEACA Advisory Board

MEACA Board of Directors

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