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Middle East & Africa Compliance Association (MEACA) Data Privacy Policy


Why do we have a Data Privacy Policy?

MEACA acknowledges the importance of personal data protection and believe that the principles behind data protection strengthen individual rights.  We collect, use, store, handle, transfer and disclose personal data in accordance with applicable laws and expect our suppliers and business partners to do the same.


Who does the Policy apply to?

All MEACA employees including the Board of Directors.


How we process Personal Data

MEACA collects, uses, stores, handles, transfers, and discloses personal data in accordance with applicable laws.

The following rules applies to MEACA:

  • Only use personal data consistent with the business purpose for which it was collected and for only if necessary.


  • We use the minimum personal data that it needs for legitimate business purpose; we do not collect or use data that is not necessary or beyond document retention limits.


  • If you transfer personal data, be aware ofapplicable local regulations. We are careful not to transfer personal data between countries without first understanding the data privacy standards in those countries.


  • When collecting and using personal data, we are careful to safeguard it against inadvertent disclosure, for example, by leaving data viewable in open spaces, electronic collaboration sites, at the printer, or in or on unsecured computers, devices, desks, or cabinets.


We will report immediately any incidents involving personal data to the required authorities.

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