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Middle East & Africa Compliance Association Network

Fill out the form below to join MEACA

The MEACA Network is a professional association for us who share a mission to promote ethical corporate conduct, business integrity, and responsible leadership.  By joining the Network you will get access to:

Networking opportunities: Meet with other Compliance Professionals, both broadly and within specific Industry, Geographic, Topical or Gender focus sub-groups.

MEACA events: Get invited to live events arranged throughout the region and virtually with various partners, including benchmarking sessions, roundtables, workshops and conferences.​

Receive thought-leadership content: Core compliance topics and best practices, leadership, personal development and growth topics delivered via live in-person events, online webinars and written articles.

Job Board opportunities: MEACA advertises high-quality job postings that we become aware of to our members.

Discounted Partners events and services: Receive special discounts to MEACA Partner events and services.

Receive the newsletter: Monthly newsletter including information about our events, published content & more.

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